Daily Archives: November 9, 2010

Say Another Lexi, blogs I love

I haven’t done this in a while, but I am quite enamored with this blog.

Go check out Say Another Lexi… I will wait til you come back…

ahhh… she makes my heart flutter a little. I love her ability to say exactly what I think. She inspires me to write more, though nothing comes out like it should.  I am always impressed by people who can produce amazing poetry or free flow writing that sing songs (or stabs) its way into my heart. This girl does that.

Anyway, she came here once and commented on something I had written. After that I followed her link to her blog and after the 1st few posts I clicked “follow”. Almost everyday she posts something that I can relate to. Good Stuff!

a few of my fav’s by her…

He said, she said

I am tired (Can’t we ALL relate to this?!)

I have to find you first

Anyway, Just thought I would share a blog I have begun to follow and love. I read a lot of photography blogs,  “mom and dad” blogs, and funny blogs.   I always enjoy finding someone who has the ability to literally take my breath away when reading. Say Another Lexi accomplishes this almost every time!


ps. this daylights savings crap makes me get up early. So do night mares about all my match dot com dates being zombies! But so far I have gotten up, gotten ready, had a cup of coffee and written a blog. Pretty productive for a girl who normally rolls out of bed and is late to work every day!