mini photo shoot with some grown up kids

While I was in Arkansas for the weekend, Angela wanted me to get some shots of her kids. Particularly Drew, for his senior page in the year book.

I have known these kids since they were in the womb. Just like their mom has known me since I was in the womb! Angela and my mom were best of friends growing up, and I don’t remember a time that Angela wasn’t in my life. She used to take me swimming at the country club and paddle boating at Village Creek.

Angela had her first kiddo when I was 13. I will never forget carrying Drew through Wal-mart and someone asking me what I had named my baby! I was mortified at the thought of being 13 and having a baby!

Since I spent 6 weeks a summer with my mom, I was able to hang out with these kids for days and days on end.
I wish I had some of my other pictures of them, but this is one of the only ones I have scanned in right now from back in the day. But it is a perfect reminder of the fun we had.
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When Drew (far right) was little I spent an entire summer watching ET over and over (and over and over and over. youhavenoideahowmanytimeswewatchedthatmovie!) Drew LOVED it. There were days we watched it 3-4 times. I remember him being a sweet, quiet kid. Now he is a sweet, very quiet grown man of 18. I think he forgets that I have known him his whole life and used to tickle him and play with him and watch ET over and over! I have to steal hugs from him, and I think he said a whole 3 words to me the entire time I was visiting!

When Cody (far left) came along, he spent the 1st year of his life screaming his fool head off. He is the sweetest, most loving kid though! I used to love his silver capped front teeth and his precious laugh. Cody spent every visit in my lap telling me how much he loved me and how he was going to marry me one day. Now he is 16, and wanting to attend med school. I told him I might wait on him to make the big bucks, then he can marry me and take care of me! (though that would be so super weird since I have changed his diapers…)

Sarah (middle) was born in the spring and I was in high-school with a full time job during the summer. I wasn’t able to spend 6 weeks a summer with her, or attend her birthday parties, like I was her brothers. So she and I didn’t bond as much, but I still loved her precious little face, and those beautiful curls. Now when I go visit, we camp out in her room and chit chat into the night (though this year I conked out before we could chit chat!). At 13, she seems older and more mature then I was at that age. I think that comes with having older brothers!

I am now realizing that this post is going to be longer then I wanted… so… I am gonna show you a pic or two of them together then do individual post for each kiddo. I got such great shots of them that I want to share!

brotherly love (the kind where they refuse to get close to each other so I can take a picture!)
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Me and the two that like me! (Angela snapped this one.)
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The fam…
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Even Zoie got some camera time!
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I will be back with a kid a day in the near future. I am proud of some of the shots I was able to get of Drew. I honestly don’t know how I got him to smile in so many pictures. Cody’s pictures just scream “cool”. I didn’t get as many of Sarah, because while I was taking pics of her brothers she was “getting ready”! And with any woman (especially a 13 year old) that can take a while!

I can’t believe those kids are strolling right on into adulthood. I now know how Angela feels every year I get older! The older they get the older that makes me!

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2 thoughts on “mini photo shoot with some grown up kids

  1. […] womb, and I have great memories of you from my childhood. It’s crazy to think I have known your children since the womb and they are almost grown. (man, you are old!!!) Thank you also, for loving mom and […]

  2. Good LORD! I would have known those were Angela’s children anywhere! They look just like her!

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