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Soundtrack of my life #3 songs that make you dance

eekkk… just thinking about all the songs that make me shake my booty makes me realize I have a ton of things to add to my itunes! There is also no way I could list them here, so I picked the first 2 that came to mind.

Ignition Remix by R. Kelly

Yeah, yeah, he pees on young girls. What ever. I love this freaking song. I would also like to include Bump & Grind. Only because Thanksgiving night at BMB included us playing that on the jukebox and dancing on the patio. While laughing hysterically. But two R. Kelly songs might be too much.

Dirty by Christina Aguilera

I love that she can sing. And be so dang hot.

1. Your favorite song
2: A song that makes you cry.
3: A song that makes you dance.
4: Your favorite male singer.
5: Your favorite female singer.
6: Your favorite band.
7: One band/singer you’re ashamed to admit you like.
8: One band/singer whose popularity you will never understand.
9: A song that reminds you of an ex.
10: A song that reminds you of your father.
11: A song that reminds you of your mother.
12: A song that makes you want to have sex.
13: A song you sing in the shower.
14: A song from the year you were born.
15: A song you liked in high school.
16: The first song in your mp3 folder.
17: The last song in your mp3 folder.
18: An instrumental song you like.
19: Your favorite love song.
20: Your favorite breakup song.
21: A song that makes you want to break stuff.
22: Your favorite song from a movie.
23: Your favorite duet.
24: Your favorite cover song.
25: Your favorite song from 2010 (so far)
26: Your favorite music video.
27: One song in your mp3 folder you’re pretty sure no one else has.
28: One song that needs to never be played again.
29: One song that gives you the creeps.
30: A song you’d like played at your funeral.

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