I am in the new house

Everything is a disaster and I am sleeping on the floor. But I am in it.

The day before I closed, the main water pipe in the front yard busted. foreclosure = as is. So, though I got the keys on Wednesday of LAST week, I just spent my 1st night in it on Tuesday. Fortunately I know a lot of plumbers. So, my main pipe issue was fixed within days! Even better my plumber friend gave me a break on the price of the job. I might have paid him partially in Nintendo games.

Tuesday night I spent 5 hours on my feet, unpacking boxes and washing loads and loads of dishes and laundry. My boxes have been in storage for 7-8 months and every single one of them has been inhabited by a family of mice. EWW. Brian and I ate soup heated up on my new gas stove and shared an upside down laundry basket on the living room floor as our table.

Last night Brian and I grabbed dinner at my favorite Chinese place then headed back to the house to tackle more projects. Well, Brian tackled projects. I opened boxes. Stared into them intently. Then closed boxes. While Brian pulled up staples out of my hardwood floor, I laid in bed and whined about having to unpack. (all the while, not unpacking one thing!) I need someone to motivate me!

Tonight, though winter weather has struck Birmingham again, I am going to spend more money at Wal-Mart. Come hell or high water (or ice and snow) I WILL have groceries. Currently there is one can of soup and some crackers in my cabinet. Maybe when I get home the rest of the staples will be out of the floor and my bed will be in the frame and off of the floor!

I do have to say, it’s been pretty fun to unpack boxes. With each one I find something I forgot I had. Or an album of pictures that make giggle or tear up.

I haven’t had a chance to take real photos of the house yet, but here are some iphone ones!

My house!

built in book shelves❤

my new little friend that lives outside

unpacked boxes

stuff to still sort through!

Thankfully I have a deadline. That room in the last picture has to be empty by month end so my roomie can move in!



7 thoughts on “I am in the new house

  1. amandapair says:

    That Brian… what a dear. And mice? EEEK!

    I’m so happy for you to be there finally. You’ll have to invite us over when you get everything settled.

  2. Katie O says:

    Oh my! Your house is precious!! Congrats!!!

  3. Brooke says:

    I love the porch! And that your frogs are already out in full force.🙂

  4. Melissa says:

    Thanks girls!
    @Amanda… that Brian is my life saver right now! Of course you guys can come over! I can’t wait!
    @Katie… thanks. I heart it a bunch. But every night I look at all the things to be done and wonder what possessed me to buy it!
    @Brooke… me too. I can’t wait to get a porch swing! oh, and I laughed and laughed at my frog obsession as I unpacked box after box of frogs. I keep thinking I will get rid of some, but I won’t!

  5. mypajamadays says:

    I love your house – it is adorable. And it is yours! Every time that I have moved, the unpacking part seemed like an adventure. Things that I had for years suddenly seemed brand new – which is probably why I tend to rearrange furniture every time I do any deep cleaning. I’m crazy like that.

  6. Catherine says:

    I like your little friend🙂 I used to love frogs growing up! Congrats on the house🙂

  7. Alexia says:

    It.is.GORGEOUS! I adore the colours of the walls (the burgundy and the taupe), and the little built-in bookcases!

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