Beck’s nursery!

Ok folks… I FINALLY dusted my camera off and took some pictures of Beck’s room. As of yesterday it was still a construction/garbage zone!

There are several things that are not complete, but those will have to wait. I have run out of time and energy!

I also need to thank some folks for making this nursery possible! If it weren’t for Michelle, Jamie and Lee, there is no way this room would look like it does. I can’t express my love enough for these folks and all they have done for me. We are so lucky to have such loving friends in our life! Also, I have some amazing art and decorations thanks to my talented friends and family!

Beck’s bed  came to me courtesy of Aunt Deb. The bedding is from Target and I bought it before I even knew that Beck was a boy. I saw it and fell in love with it. The other elements in the room match it perfectly! The glider was passed on to me from Michelle and I know I will probably spend the next year in it! The Robot Blanket came from Robert and Haven as a mother’s day present. This blanket is the reason I decided to go with a robot themed nursery. Finally… the amazing art work above the bed came from my sweet friend Shandon. I found something similar online and commissioned her use her creativity and make this. I adore it.

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Beck’s room is shaped a little odd, so I had this small bit of wall space next to a closet. The “B” came from Ann. Amanda and Deb framed my baby shower invite and I thought this would be a great place for it. The “B” frame was made by a coworker, Alicia. I can’t wait to put a photo of my little man in it! The cute little robot men came from several folks at work. They were made by some of the clients of some of the mental health facilities we service. Every year Studio by the Tracks holds a fund raiser where these talented people’s art is sold. I love that part of Beck’s room is decorated with art from people SPS helps every day. Finally, a photo of my sweet mom. She can’t be here to see Beck grow up, but he will definitely know who that lady in the picture is!
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The next photo shows you some of the unfinished projects I mentioned… This is the window seat that Lee built for us. It is exactly what I wanted! It has lids that lift and tons of space for toys inside! It still needs more paint and a cushion for the top. I am scheming on using that blanket from the bedding set to make the cushion, but that requires me to break out the sewing machine. I am just not feeling it at the moment! . On each side of the window are built in closets. They are perfect for Beck’s clothes and diaper storage! I replaced the gross bronze handles with some nice brushed silver ones.  There are also curtains for those windows, but they have been taken down so I can shorten them. Please ignore the painters tape on the floor and the box of garbage in the picture! This photo wasn’t thought out very well!!
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The next pic may be my favorite thing in the room! The mirror came from Craig’s list and was painted white. The BECK banner is a creation by my very talented Aunt Deb! (Beck will at least know what his name is!!) The book shelf makes me smile every time I see it. Until it came to me, it lived its life in my Granny’s house. I have no idea how long it’s been around, but it’s at least as old as I am. I have many photos of me as a little girl with it in the back ground. I am pretty sure the story is that my grandpa built it***. I did paint it so that it would match the other white furniture in the room. (I wish I could convey the HOURS I spent playing with the sea shells and ceramic cats that adorned these shelves. Or reading the Child Craft books that lived in the bottom corner. Though the cat and the child craft books now adorn my own living room bookcase!)

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The bookshelf has a TON of great things on it, but the one I want to point out the most is the bottom left square…
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Those pop up books are very special… they came from Beck’s Great Grandmother. Especially for him.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

How sweet is that?!

I am so glad I got this documented before Beck’s arrival. I was afraid I wouldn’t get it done in time. I know once Beck is here, the last thing I am going to care about is taking pictures of his room! I am gonna have a precious baby boy to photograph instead!!



***I received an email from my Aunt Linda (my mom’s sister) after this posted with this info: “Yes,  the bookshelf was built by daddy when I was a little girl.  I want to say he built it while we still lived in Illinois so that would put it in the early 60’s. It was originally blond, then at some point painted that dark brown.  Everything looks great, can’t wait to see it in person. I remember the day Donna and I found the note with the books mom had bought for you. It was just a few days after she died. We both had a good cry.  So glad you have kept them, granny would be tickled.  Hope Beck makes his arrival soon!”

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6 thoughts on “Beck’s nursery!

  1. Amanda says:

    I seriously adore everything in this post. You have done an amazing job!

  2. Amy says:

    That room is adorable! Love all the robots and the bright colors.

  3. Thypolar says:

    It is absolutely adorable! I’m excited for you🙂

  4. kmslat says:

    you did the best job! i’m so jealous of his nursery. i know he’s going to love it!

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